Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent types of cancer worldwide. Discovered early enough, it is usually treatable.

Consequently, we recommend regular examinations for early detection. Skin cancer screening is even covered by the German statutory health insurance. If you’re older than 35 you’re entitled for a qualified skin screening once every two years.

The skin is the biggest human organ. It is strained and exposed to demanding environmental conditions on a daily basis throughout our lifetime. Our skin is often a reflection of our psyche, for example: acne, neurodermatitis and many more. This natural, protective shield doesn’t always withstand the external influences.

The results are a wide range of benign skin changes that are hardly noticeable. These are usually typical and are diagnosed readily. Many of those changes can be removed non-surgically using laser treatment.

It is essential to check up on moles regularly. The physician examines the mole under a dermatoscope and compares it to the “DPW-Index” (dermatoscopy-value index). In case of suspicion of malignant skin changes and depending on the DPW-score, an excision is performed including a margin of the skin surrounding the suspected melanoma (biopsy). This is then sent to a laboratory for detailed examination. Cancerous moles are eventually removed through conventional surgery.

Skin cancer screening is a harmless process and the costs are usually covered by medical insurance companies. Just get in touch with us for your next appointment; your skin and your health will be grateful to you!

Our treatments

  • Laser therapy

    The availability of different lasers for the various fields of application is a sure advantage.

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  • Filler

    To refill and restore lost volume and facial fullness. We work with Hyaluronic Acid and an innovative volume lifting.

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  • Injections-Lipolysis

    A tried and tested method for the reduction of small fat pads. It is commonly called Lipo-dissolve.

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  • Shockwave Therapy

    Painless, safe and astoundingly effective: intensive sound waves with a wide medical application spectrum.

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  • Botulinum treatment

    Eliminating wrinkles through muscle relaxation.

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  • Prevention (checkup)

    Our medical checkups help you stay healthy.

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