Shockwave therapy

Effective, nonsurgical and practically without any side effects. The extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) has been in practice for over 30 years in areas where medication, injections and even surgeries couldn’t help any more.

We work with high-energy shockwaves; based on our experience, this is a much more effective treatment than the low energy version. It is characterized by a much deeper penetration, high precision and has proven very effective in wound and bone healing, as well as in the treatment of tendon inflammations. The majority of people aren’t aware that calcareous shoulders and heel spurs are originally inflammations of the tendons.

Shockwaves stimulate blood flow. This effect is exploited in the cosmetic field for the revitalization of connective tissue. Shockwaves are also effective for the treatment of long-winded, morbid skin changes. Therefore, this therapy is used for the treatment of scars, ulcerated legs, bedsores, infected wounds and burns. It has also shown remarkable results in the treatment of diabetic foot, where shockwaves stimulate the development of new blood vessels, regenerate old vessels and kill bacteria.

Shock wave therapy is also administered for various musculoskeletal system conditions hence preventing the need for surgical procedures. Amongst the most common uses of this therapy are: calcareous shoulder, tennis elbow, heel spurs and all types of tendon inflammations. Moreover, shockwave therapy is an effective alternative to surgery for severe medical conditions that involve circulatory disorders in bones.

How is the therapy administered?

The affected area is examined thoroughly to begin with and an ultrasound, or x-ray(s) may be necessary in some cases. The number of shockwaves and their intensity depend on the findings. The treating physician proceeds to cover the area with an ultrasound gel before the therapy head is set in place. At the beginning, we usually administer low intensity waves that are then raised during the course of the treatment with the consent of the patient. The therapy is usually well tolerated and lasts for a few minutes. It can be repeated when necessary.

You may have been suffering from a particular condition for some time and would be interested in shockwave therapy as a solution. If you any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to talking to you.

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