Interesting facts about volume lifting

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What are the advantages of volume lifting versus the conventional operative face lifting?

  • Substantially more favourable treatment costs
  • No surgical intervention
  • No anaesthesia
  • No hospitalisation
  • No scars
  • No absenteeism from work
  • No changes to the natural facial expressions and mimics

How painful is the treatment?

Volume lifting is considerably less painful than the superficial smoothing of wrinkles done with the conventional fillers. This is mainly because Radiesse is injected in the subcutaneous tissue where there are much less pain receptors than on the skin surface. Furthermore, Radiesse is mixed with a local anaesthetic prior to application and the syringe needles used are extremely thin. It is particularly important to note that the attending physician has been specifically trained on the technique of this treatment and has undergone the required examinations.

I am generally scared of injections. Can you help me overcome this fear?

Everyone gets anxious about a facial intervention. To help you establish trust in the treatment, procedure and the attending physician, you are invited to a preliminary session where all your questions may be answered. If your fear of injections persists, we have a few options to alleviate that. Those range from administering local anaesthesia that numbs the injection surface half an hour in advance, to the administering of a painkiller prior to commencement. The combination in the form of a local anaesthetic and painkiller together with an anxiolytic agent is also possible. We have successfully treated patients with extreme dental phobia in this manner such that they were not able to associate the experience in any unpleasant way whatsoever afterwards.

How do I look like after the treatment?

You will be able to see the effects that render the promised young freshness to your face right away. This volume effect which is, of course, tailored to your own individual wishes is sustained for an unusually long period of time.

I do not want it to be apparent that I underwent this treatment. Is that possible?

Yes. The “small” treatment with Radiesse is designed such that you the skin looks more relaxed, fresher and somewhat younger. Thereby, only minimal corrections are done on several places. A further volume filling is possible at any time after that such that you are able to attain the younger look gradually without anyone noticing much.

What are the expected costs involved?

The so-called “small” treatment costs € 260. A prerequisite here is the availability of two patients who want the treatment and can share the quantity of the large Radiesse filler. Simply come in with a friend for the treatment!
The complete treatment (whole face) costs, depending on the volume deficit involved, between € 260 and € 960.

Complete treatment (whole face):

  • The costs for patients between 35 and 45 years of age are € 260 on average
  • The costs for patients between 45 and 65 years of age are € 520 on average
  • The costs for patients between 55 and 65 years of age are € 960 on average

What does a complete treatment (whole face) cover?

The normal programme consists of:

  • Uplifting the sides of the eyebrows
  • Uplifting of the upper eyelid (reduction of sagging eyelids)
  • Tear trough correction (the impression of deeply sunken, tired eyes disappears)
  • Filling of the nasal-lip fold (nasolabial fold)
  • Uplifting the corners of the mouth
  • A slight filling of the sides of the upper and lower lips
  • Filling of the so-called “Merkel line” (the scornful mouth)
  • Filling of the so-called Marionette lines

What may I also be able to correct with Radiesse?

  • Accentuating the young cheekbones
  • Filling hollow cheeks
  • Filling wrinkles on ear lobes
  • Nose corrections (hook nose, boxer nose)

How does my face feel like after the treatment? Do I maintain a normal feeling in my face?

The treated areas will feel unusually swollen for a day or two after the treatment. This will be followed by a sense of increased tautness (a good feeling). Sensations are maintained completely in the face (the lips as well).

What are the risks involved in the treatment with Radiesse as opposed to other volume fillers?

We have never encountered any allergic reactions by any of our patients.
Due to its monophasic structure (a very complex process to obtain maximal protection for the body against hazardous reaction), Radiesse is one of the most expensive fillers on the market. All other compounds that are known to us are biphasic in their structure and present higher complication risks. We have chosen to work with the best quality.

How long does the treatment effect with Radiesse last?

Substantially longer than all other hyaluronic acid fillings and, based on recent scientific research, even longer than lipofilling.
After a short time, Radiesse is transformed into own body, collagen-rich tissue. This new tissue is maintained for an indefinite period of time. It is only subject to depletion through the natural aging process.

Why not a permanent filler?

The body often deals with permanent fillers as foreign matter. This in turn causes inflammations and scars as consequential damage. For this reason, permanent fillers are almost no longer administered.

What are the arguments against a surgical lifting of the nose-mouth area?

Surgical lifting is significant for people over 70 years who had never had any volume corrections done. This procedure involves pulling the entire facial skin tightly behind the jaw and ears.
The result is a meagre, though wrinkle-free, yet somewhat deformed face at its width.

The surgical lifting is a radical operative intervention that involves anaesthesiological risks, as well as risks of postoperative wound infections leading to possible long term deforming scars. Besides the required hospitalisation, this form of intervention is at a price level ranging from € 4000 to € 6000.

Would you recommend volume correction for men, as well?

Men also develop tired, bleary and languid eyes shaped by dark circles under the eyes. Such a facial expression is absolutely unwelcome by men because they aspire to look energetic and strong-willed. Men don’t want hollow cheeks. Men also don’t want to have droopy mouth corners (the scornful mouth). They would rather have a friendly and inviting look. A “Pillawa mouth” (German TV moderator) is clearly favoured over a “Merkel mouth”! Men don’t want to have a baby face but rather craggy features.

Why should I invest money to change my face?

In the morning, when I look into my face in the mirror and see something that I don’t like, then I ought to, at least, find out what could be done. When my face has aged prematurely while I still feel young, when I look cheerfully at my nephew who then says to me, “Grandma, why do you look so angry?”, when the hardships of the past have left their mark on my face while I’m looking for a new start, when I try to hide my real face under a mask of ever more makeup because I don’t like what I see, then Kosmig GmbH could certainly be better able to help me than the beautician.